DETRAME is equipped for the management of the entire life cycle of the construction and assembly of large structures, from the engineering and manufacturing through to the treatments of surfaces, logistics and assembly.


Our mission is always to optimise and improve the projects we undertake. Starting from the applicable regulations and the original project, we contribute our ability to improve the construction solution conceived. The results are translated into better manufacturing conditions, a reduction in construction times and costs, as well as optimisations in the logistics and assembly.

We work in close collaboration with the client. The possibility of visualising the project by means of 3D modelling and parameterisation of the structure makes it possible to analyse it prior to its realisation, with the greatest degree of efficacy, and gives us the opportunity to make changes and improvements in the design and calculation, in the definition of joints, and, in short in the project management.

Our technical office uses the most advanced IT technologies to undertake structural calculations and modelling, so that we obtain optimal results. All the projects are designed in 3D with specific integrated metal construction systems: Tekla Structures.


DETRAME manufactures all kinds of industrial projects and constructions, metal structures, metal roofs and walls. With a manufacturing facility of over 9,000m², we are able to model each project individually, manufacturing the components with machinery of the latest technology.

The manufacturing processes seek the pre-fabrication of sub-assemblies in order to optimise the management of the volume in transportation.

The manufacturing is composed of:

Likewise, we specialise in the manufacture of bolted structures, which generate many benefits, such as reducing the assembly time and manufacturing with pinpoint accuracy in the workshop. In addition, this makes it possible to expand or reduce the facility as necessary, as in the case of logistics platforms, a constantly-growing sector. Find out about some of our most notable projects in the Experience section.


Once the manufacturing processes have been completed, the metal structures go through the Blasting and Painting plants.
Those facilities make it possible to ensure a continuous process under cover, as well as the storage of the completed components. Given their volumes, characteristics and capacities, our facilities have been designed to treat the surfaces of very large parts.


Logistics is one of the factors underpinning our high technical capacity for the successful execution of the projects on which we participate.
The work does not end once the metal structures have been manufactured. Once completed, the management of their transportation to their final destination begins, at all times taking into account the future needs we will have over the course of the journey.
Our teams efficiently manage transportation to the worksite. DETRAME has connections with the necessary hauliers who ensure optimum transportation conditions by land or sea.
This phase requires meticulous work to overcome the difficulties that are often encountered. The main one, without a doubt, is the heavy material we transport, steel, and the sheer volume of the metal structures of large projects. The weight/volume ratio is very important when assessing that cost.
Detrame controls everything down to the last detail. We start with the resources of the different destinations, thereby promoting the local economy, so we will take into account good management on entry into the county and the loading of the material onto other forms of transport, as well as the unloading at the destination using trucks or cranes.


After the manufacturing and transportation of the material, the next phase is very sensitive: the assembly of the parts of the structure, which have been cut and ordered in accordance with the engineering specifications.
For this, it is vital to have qualified personnel and modern assembly technology to successfully complete the process.
Detrame executes, controls and supervises the entire assembly sequence. Generally, the procedure consists of a pre-assembly of parts for the subsequent construction of larger assemblies. Sometimes, the process is simply executed part by part according to the assembly plan, which varies, responding to the situation of the works, their accesses, the means available, etc.
To avoid losses of time and to ensure optimum performance, it is vital that all the materials and the available means be under control before starting the process. Once the factors involved are under control, our assemblers and welders, with qualified workers and assistants, use large machines to raise the metal structures. Among others, Detrame uses the tower cranes already at the worksite, chain hoists (for large weights), lifting platforms, welding machinery and tools of the workers on site.
In this sphere of activity, the personal and collective protection measures are particularly important, to raise the structures while avoiding accidents.